About Us

Why TechCare

Providing care for a loved one can be overwhelming. With daily caregiving responsibilities, family caregivers may not be fully aware of, or may not have enough time to do online research on technology products and services that can help in reducing their burden. We envision TechCare to be a platform where caregivers can easily navigate and discover products and services pertinent to their needs. We are here to do the research for you. As we are just starting out, we may not have answers to all your questions right away. But, we’ll go the extra mile to find technology solutions for your caregiving challenges.┬áSo, please write to us at hello@TechCareHQ.com and tell us how we can help.


Connecting family caregivers to technology products and services

that can help them with their daily caregiving tasks

Who We Are

We are engineers who have built pioneering new technologies at Silicon Valley tech companies. Being family caregivers ourselves, we deeply care about the challenges of caregiving. We love tinkering with technology. Being aware of tech products is in our DNA..

How We Make Money

We don’t. At this point, TechCare is solely driven by our passion to connect caregivers with technology that can give them peace of mind. As we grow as a community, we believe to evolve more sustainable models for growth.

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