Smart pill bottle that tracks medication intake, sends alerts and collects insights without requiring WiFi or Bluetooth synchronization


  • Tracking medication intake: AdhereTech’s pill bottle is programmed to regularly record the times of opening or closing the bottle, as well as the amount of medication the bottle contains. This data is used to calculate discrepancies between a user’s medication intake, and their recommended intake.
  • Multiple Alerts: The pill bottle flashes a blue light at the prescribed times of the user’s medication intake. If the bottle notes that a user has forgotten their medication, it beeps and flashes red. An automated call or text message reminder is simultaneously made to the user, or to listed family members and caregivers. The timing and type of these alerts are customizable.
  • WiFi or Bluetooth syncing not required: The AdhereTech pill bottle has a built-in wireless module that sends all recorded data to be analyzed through the Verizon data network. Users, therefore, do not need to sync the bottle to WiFi or Bluetooth networks.
  • Insights regarding medical adherence: AdhereTech’s alerts and reminders can also be programmed to ask users why they do not adhere to their medication. These insights regarding the causes of low medical adherence can be leveraged with targeted interventions by caregivers.

How It Works

Pricing Details

Contact AdhereTech to partner your pharmacy with their pill bottle. Direct users such as family caregivers and older adults will receive the pill bottle free of charge with their medication, if their pharmacy supports it.

Phone Number

+1 (646) 417-8143