Set reminders from your smartphone for a loved one who uses a landline, a flip phone or a smart phone



  • Works with Any Phone: Use your smartphone to connect with your loved one's landline, flip phone, or smartphone.
  • Personalized Reminders: Schedule personalized reminders to be sent when your loved one needs to get them. Reminders could  be regarding medications, appointments, exercise or events.
  • Receive Notifications: Receive notifications letting you know if the reminder was received or if you should call your loved one.
  • Stay Connected with the Care Team: Add anyone in your loved one's care team such as siblings, relatives and friends, to Ahlov such that they can add/modify reminders and receive notifications. As a primary caregiver, you can customize the permission options of people in the care  team.

How It Works

Visit this link to learn more about how to use Ahlov.

Pricing Details

$4.99/month when billed monthly and $4.17/month when billed yearly for unlimited reminders (recommended 5 reminders per day).