A one-stop shop for various kinds of care technology addressing issues such as wandering, dementia and medication management


A One-stop shop catering to a variety of older adult needs: Alcove offers a great variety of different products each of which cater to different older adult needs. A few of these include:
  • Safe At Home Package: Alcove’s ‘Safe At Home’ package allows you to get alerted when something might be wrong without any need to call for help (e.g. not using the fridge for 24 hours, staying more than an hour in the bathroom etc.). Learn more about it from here.
  • Dementia Concern Package: A hub, video calling phone (to enable easy visual communication) and 6 sensor package to let you see what is happening at home during the day and at night. Optional voice calling package and emergency call center connection is also available as an add on in case of emergencies. Learn more about this from here.
  • Take Your Meds Package: Video calling tablet is provided which displays medication reminders. Additionally, alerts are also sent if reminders are not acknowledged. Learn more about it from here.
Interactive Blog: In addition to a wide array of different products, the Alcove website also hosts an interactive and informational blog covering topics from Dementia awareness to Revenue generation.

How It Works

  • All Alcove products are self installation. However, it is super easy to install Alcove since video guides are provided and they hand hold you until you are up and running. Should you wish to purchase installation please select from the shop and add to your cart.
  • The working depends on the product concerned.

Pricing Details

Visit the Alcove e-shop for pricing details. All shipping in FREE inside the UK.