Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam

Security camera from Amazon that can be connected to television, with night vision, and motion detection


  • Monitor household live: The camera allows you to check on your loved ones through live video streaming on your phone or computer. You can also watch the footage on your television.
  • Receive motion alerts: The camera can be set up to detect motions of people or other objects and send notifications to your phone at regular intervals.
  • Monitor even at night: The camera automatically activates night vision when lighting is dim, allowing you to check on your loved one even at night.
  • Communicate through camera: If your loved one is in the same room as the camera, you can converse with them through a two-way audio system that is built into the Cloud Cam.

How It Works

Pricing Details

$119.99. An additional Cloud Cam subscription (starting at $6.99/month) allows features such as person detection, or setting specific zones for the camera to monitor.