August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

Smart door lock for keyless entry/exit and remote control from anywhere


  • Keyless Entry and Exit: The smart lock automatically locks behind you and unlocks as you approach using your phone's Bluetooth. If you plan to install this lock in your loved one's home, her phone needs to be with her while she leaves and enters the home.
  • Visitor Access: You can create virtual keys for family, guests and home care personnel. Access can be granted for any period of time or specific dates and times. Visitor access can be removed any time.
  • Remote Control: With the help of an additional device called the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you can control the August Smart Lock from anywhere in the world using the August phone app.
  • Activity Log: Track who is coming and going with the activity log on the August smartphone app.

How It Works

Pricing Details

$112.00 and $139.99 for silver and dark gray, respectively, for 2nd generation locks. $49.99 for August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge