Automatic Pro

Automatic Pro

Smart car adapter with cellular connection to track your loved one’s location and ensure emergency response in case of a crash while driving


  • Keep Track of the Car: Make sure your loved one is safe while driving by tracking the location of the car from anywhere using Automatic phone app.
  • Crash Alert: When a crash is detected, Automatic's trained responders will contact your loved one, emergency services and you (or other caregivers). This service is available only in United States.
  • Engine Diagnostics: If the Check Engine Light of your loved one's car turns on, the Automatic app will notify you. You can see what's wrong and may save you a trip to the mechanic for minor issues.
  • Find Parking Location: You or your loved can find the car's parking location from the Automatic app.
  • Monitor Driving Style: Using the phone app you can monitor how well your loved one is driving by monitoring the number of hard accelerations, hard brakes, speeding, horsepower and torque of the car.

How It Works

Find Automatic's How it Works guide here.

Pricing Details

$129.95 for the Automatic Pro car adapter, apps, unlimited 3G subscription for 5 years and crash alert service.