Blue Apron

Blue Apron

Farm-fresh ingredients and recipes delivered weekly to your home


  • Hand-picked Ingredients: A Blue Apron delivery includes farm-fresh seasonal produce, meat with no added hormones, sustainably-sourced seafood, spices, sauces, recipe cards and how-to videos to cook a healthy meal.
  • Personalized Weekly Menu: Select from a weekly menu for 2 or 4 people tailored for your dietary preferences.
  • Convenient Delivery: All ingredients are packed in a refrigerated box so that the food stays fresh in transit.

Pricing Details

Two-Person Plan (Serves 2): $9.99 per serving – $47.95/week for 2 recipes, $59.94/week for 3 recipes.

Family Plan (Serves 4): $8.99 per serving – $71.92/week for 2 recipes, $107.88/week for 3 recipes, $143.84/week for 4 recipes