Track and monitor the early changes in your loved one’s cognitive health just like the way you take temperature at home


  • Measure and Track Cognitive HealthBrainCheck measures and tracks your loved one's cognitive health – including memory, cognitive processing, reasoning and attention — to help you see early changes in her memory from the privacy of your home in less than 10 minutes. It is as easy as taking temperature at home. 
  • Personalized Tracking: Your loved one can take BrainCheck’s neurocognitive tests as often as she wants. Log in from anywhere to monitor changes to her brain performance over time.
  • Generate Reports: Generate personalized reports for your loved one and bring them to the doctor's visit to talk about how the test scores have changed over time.
If you want to know more about cognitive health decline in Dementia, BrainCheck has an informative video series on YouTube. Click HERE.

How It Works

  1. Test: In just 10 minutes, BrainCheck assesses multiple cognitive domains. It stores the baseline scores, so you can regularly monitor your loved one's brain health over time. Should there be a concern in the future, you can re-test and compare the scores to the baseline.
  2. Monitor: BrainCheck tracks changes in memory, attention, mental flexibility, reaction time and more, connecting you to real-time, actionable information about your loved one's cognitive health at any time.
  3. Share: The test results are available instantly on the BrainCheck platform. Results sync across all your devices and can be shared with the doctor or other caregivers, if you so choose.

Pricing Details

FREE: single-user access, immediate access to results and unlimited testing. $39.99/year or $5.99/month: 5-user access, immediate access to results, unlimited testing, access to past results and performance reports to share with your care team. Separate pricing for care providers and organizations.