Busy Bee Pillow

Busy Bee Pillow

A customizable therapeutic pillow carefully created to enliven all five senses and exercise fine motor skills


  • Full-length rollout blanket: Seniors seem to stay cold no matter how warm it might be, so the Busy Bee Pillow™ was thoughtfully designed with a full-length roll out blanket that goes all the way down to the ankles for warmth and comfort. Made from ultra-soft microfiber material, the blanket comes in a variety of custom colors and is unzippable for washing.
  • Thoughtful touches: The Busy Bee Pillow can be monogrammed for personalization, and comes with thoughtful touches like a convenient hand warmer designed to easily allow for hands to slip in to keep them warm and enjoy the comforting texture of the cozy fabric. The shape of the side arms on the pillows are designed to make the user feel like being hugged, and the topper is designed for attachments and designed to be interchangeable for birthdays, holidays or hobbies to keep them oriented to place and time.
  • Mind-engagement and fine motor skills tools: It's easy to build the perfect Busy Bee Pillow™ for your loved one, with custom attachments that give them something to fiddle with while stimulating the senses. Keeping hands and fingers active is key to easing anxiety and providing an engaging experience that helps provide comfort and stimulus, assist with maintaining fine motor skills and muscular coordination, and spark memories and evoke playfulness in Seniors.
  • Available in three options: The Busy Bee Pillow™ is currently available in three basic options, the Busy Bee Signature (yellow), Alzheimer's Standard (purple), and Therapeutic(multicolor). Each Busy Bee Pillow™ is thoughtfully designed to delight and engage the user with interactive features that stimulate the mind and body.

How It Works

Please email busybeepillow@yahoo.com for information.

Pricing Details

Depends on individual specifications. Please mail busybeepillow@yahoo.com with your details.

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