Service that helps users discover, store, and share their end-of-life preferences with everyone who needs to know.


For Older Adults and Family Caregivers:
  • Personalized Profile: Cake’s unique questions prompt users to consider their values and end-of-life preferences across a range of topics. As you answer the questions, Cake builds a personalized profile, which can change with changes in the user’s answers anytime. When they're ready, users can share their Cake profile with loved ones and anyone else who needs to access your preferences.
  • Generating Documents: Cake uses the answers to generate key documents that communicate the user’s advance care and end-of-life preferences. Users can also upload existing documents.Cake is HIPAA-compliant and secured with bank-level encryption to keep information safe.
For Care Providers:
  • Guided Care: Cake’s customizable flows and questions provide guidance to clinicians at the point of care on how to best discuss advance care preferences with patients. It empowers patients to have an appropriate level of advance care planning and make their preferences known.
  • Transparency: Cake’s patient-facing portal allows individuals to access their documents, complete clinician-assigned tasks, update preferences, explore other end-of-life planning decisions, and share their profiles with key contacts.
  • Track patient planning progress: Reporting provides patient preparedness insights at a population and individual level. Automated reminders and clinician-assigned tasks encourage patients to complete next steps in the planning process.

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