Canary Flex

Canary Flex

Indoor/outdoor weatherproof HD security camera that works wire-free or plugged in


  • Wide coverage plus night vision and motion detection: The canary flex camera records remarkably crisp HD video and audio with a wide-angle lens. It also has night vision and motion detection. The viewing radius ensures any room in your house (eg your loved one’s bedroom) or anywhere outside (eg the porch, backyard, swimming pool) is entirely visible with vivid clarity.
  • Inbuilt person detection: All Canary cameras include AI-powered Person Detection for free, so you get smarter alerts without false alarms. You’ll know instantly when someone shows up at your home, whoever it is, even if it’s a threat to your loved one.
  • Works outside too: Unlike the indoor Canary security camera, Canary Flex works indoor/outdoor. It’s weatherproof, so it’s designed to work in outdoor conditions and withstand rain, snow, heat or cold.
  • Plug-in not mandatory: Canary Flex can go wire-free on a single charge thanks to built-in lithium-ion batteries. With no wires to hide and fewer boundaries to work around, untethering un-limits the possibilities.

  • Two-way Canary Talk: Use Two-Way Canary Talk to keep in contact and have real-time conversations with your loved ones at home (only included with purchase of Canary membership, which is at $9.99/month).

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