Caregiver training program for family and professional caregivers


  • High-quality Training content: Needs-based content means caregivers learn the necessary skills to provide excellent care in the field. Users can create custom online training programs that meet their agency’s professional developmental needs so they can attract, train and retain more caregivers. Courses can also supplement in-person training using CareAcademy lessons plans. This is great for group settings or for states that require an in-person component to certification.
  • Oversight: Agency users can train their caregivers anywhere with CareAcademy’s engaging online video classes available on smartphone, tablet, or iPad, easily view and download compliance reports and caregiver certificates, specific to state’s requirements and know their caregivers’ progress and track every lesson so as to better manage your staff’s learning.
  • Family Caregiving Class: This free CareAcademy class was created to provide family caregivers with essential tips and support to make this part of life a little easier to navigate. Topics covered include Infection Control, Personal Care, Transportation, Nutrition, Communication and Managing Stress
  • State-compliant Classes: CareAcademy monitors each caregiver’s training progress to ensure state training requirements are met within the timeline and state guidelines. For agencies located in states without mandated requirements, CareAcademy recommends offering 8 hours of initial training in core topics when preparing caregivers to work with clients. Further, CareAcademy recommends caregivers complete 8 hours of annual continuing education training. These 8 hours include 4 hours of core topic review, followed by 4 hours on subjects selected by the agency that best support their clients’ needs.

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