Virtual nurse assistant that conversationally interacts with seniors over the phone and manages their care


  • Virtual Nurse: Angel is an AI and voice-powered virtual nurse assistant that is capable of making intelligent and personalized care calls to provide automatic digital alerts to clinicians through real-time notifications when intervention is required. It comes as a mobile app to inform loved ones and reinforce care adherence. It collects vitals and other useful data and wellbeing measures faster with less effort to maintain care between visits to most vulnerable at-risk patients and care recipients
  • Dynamic Care Management: Angel is not limited to one set of functions, rules, logic or script and allows the care provider or senior to set the frequency of care “touches”. It evolves conversational care automatically over time as the patient's needs change
  • Shareable data: Clinical and non-clinical data about a loved one is located in a secure, organized place that can be shared with their physician and/or other family members and care teams in real time and at scheduled intervals via weekly email summary so as to not overburden a single family caregiver

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