Service that works with payers, providers, home care and other healthcare organizations to help deploy remote care delivery efficiently and successfully.


Health Harmony:
    • Remote Care Platform: Care Innovations’ Health Harmony simplifies planning and deploying remote care management by providing intuitive and easy-to-use technology and a device agnostic platform for the clinician, patient, and family caregiver.
    • Caregiver Support: Evidence-based algorithms and a customizable platform by disease state and population helps professional caregivers support the individual needs of each patient. Health Harmony simplifies proactive care plans and easily integrates into existing workflows
    • Family Caregiver support: The platform connects the family caregiver to both the patient and the clinicians through an intuitive interface designed to simplify and support the caregiving process, thus keeping a tight loop of information
Behavior change training for nurses:
  • Education program: Care Innovations offers continuing education for nurses to gain the techniques and tools necessary to provide behavioral coaching for patients. The objectives are to describe behavioral problems in health care, effectively use motivational interviewing and coach patients through stages of behavior change.
  • Remote Training: The training is offered in the form of a live webinar and has 2.75 contact hours, so that trainees can comfortably be a part of it
Home Essentials
  • Speed of access: The Home Essentials solution can be implemented within 30 days and patients can receive their kits in as little as 3 business days with direct shipment to their homes. It is a one-stop-shop solution that helps users optimize their time and care.
  • Technical Support: The Home Essentials kit comes with full logistics and technical support, with data triage for ease of use. It comes with educational content for how to use and video conferencing to talk to developers for any additional clarifications.
Health Sensing:
  • Sensor technology:  Health Harmony Home Sensing monitors changes and trends in patients' and residents' activities of daily living (ADLs) that may indicate changes in health.
  • Variety: The package comes with a variety of sensors, such as a Bed Sensor that monitors sleeping patterns and a Motion Sensor that monitors the user’s movement around the house.
  • Remote monitoring: Smart sensors placed in patients' homes passively monitor activity patterns, such as sleep, movement, bathroom usage, and use of a particular home appliance. Movement and usage patterns help to establish trends to better inform clinicians of significant changes in activities.
  • Falls management: QTUG provides powerful, standardized information to inform intervention. By analyzing a person's walk and then benchmarking that data against existing information, QTUG is able to provide actionable insights into falls risk
  • Technological background: QTUG is a Class I Medical Device that is easy to use and mobile. Assessments are measured and compared to a large reference population, allowing falls risk assessments to be objective and accurate. Falls risk assessments become scalable as the ease of use and portability of QTUG allows anyone in the field trained on QTUG to perform the assessmen

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Please contact CareInnovations for pricing details Behavior change training for nurses: $297 per person

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