A customized map which helps visualize an entire ecosystem vis-a-vis caregiver and loved one


  • Visual Approach: CareMap helps you visualize the entire ecosystem between all those who are in any way involved in either receiving or giving care to and from the loved in any way. It also helps you to add important, relevant details such as who provides what kind of service and care and the like.
  • View Changes Over Time: Caregiving relations are ever changing and dynamic. Keeping this in mind, CareMap helps you keep track and amend the relationships with time such that these changes can be viewed.
  • Points of View: CareMap also helps view the proposed map through different prisms of perspective. For example, it helps you view the map from different aspects and also helps you see how your existing care ecosystem can be affected when a new ‘actor’ enters the map.
  • Print and Save Your CareMap: Once you have created the CareMap, it can be saved in the PDF format and can subsequently be printed. The print will not only consist of the map but also data charts which will help other potential care providers understand the dynamics of your personal ecosystem better.

How It Works

  1. In order to draw your own CareMap, you may either ‘Sign In’ on the CareMap Website, or ‘Try’ designing your first CareMap without signing in. Remember, the CareMap you create without signing in cannot be saved!
  2. The website will now offer you a visual guided tutorial helping you understand the way to approach and draw your own CareMap. You can access the Sign In/Try page and create your own CareMap here.
  3. You can also go through a series of video tutorials to better understand the way to create CareMaps here.

Pricing Details