Provider of non-medical supportive services for aged and disabled adults.


  • Consultation and free assessment: CareMateSolutions representatives will meet with you and your family members in the comfort of your home and consult with you to conduct a free assessment of your care needs, and perform a home safety evaluation.
  • Tailor-made customised approach: CareMateSolutions will get to know you and your family members and your precise specific situation before matching you with a CareMate who will meet your needs and expectations. This is because the needs and situation of every older adult and their family is unique.
  • Advice in cost-effectiveness: CareMateSolutions is a cost-effective way to remain in the comfort of your own home. They will help you determine the most affordable care options.
  • Host of services: Broad range of services offered like companionship, housekeeping, laundry, meal Planning, meal Preparation, diet monitoring, errands/shopping, pet care. medication reminders, appointment scheduling, appointment reminders, concierge services etc. Broadly classified as subcategories under four main categories: Companion Care, Housekeeping, Additional Support Services and Concierge Services.

How It Works

CareMateSolutions gets to know the unique situation and needs of an older adult and their family members by performing a free assessment in a home setting, and then matches them with CareMates precisely dovetailing with the needs and expectations of the older adult and their family members.

Pricing Details

Depends on the service you want

Phone Number

+1 (904) 600-3100