App that performs analytics on Fitbit data


  • Real-Time Status: Get real-time status on your loved ones, anytime and anywhere you are. Know their heart rate, time they woke up, last time they moved, the number of steps they've been taking.
  • Proactive Alerts: Get alerts on your loved one's activity, heart rate, and sleep. Know if they haven't moved around for a long period of time, if they're sleeping in too late, or just that everything is ok.
  • Monitor Daily Activities: Know when your loved ones take their afternoon walk or hit their daily step goal to keep them motivated. Activity in older adults is critical to their health, and can be especially important post surgery for rehabilitation.
  • Maintain Health Profile: Bringing your mom to the doctor and forgot what medications she's taking? Keep track of your loved one's health conditions and medications, all in one place.

How It Works

  • Fitbit: Get your loved ones a Fitbit (Fitbit is a fitness oriented smartwatch) Charge HR, pair it with their computer or smartphone, and put the Fitbit on their wrist. Once you have paired their Fitbit, it will automatically upload their Fitbit data at regular intervals. So the only thing your loved one needs to do is charge their Fitbit once every 5 days.
  • CareMind App: Download the CareMind app to your iPhone, get registered, and set up your account to track your loved ones. Their data will automatically start syncing to your CareMind app at regular intervals, so you'll know how they're doing anywhere and at any time.
  • Alerts through the Cloud: Clinically oriented alerts about your loved ones will automatically begin to send to you through the CareMind app. After identifying trends and patterns about your loved one's activity and sleep, talk to them about it, and set up additional custom alerts in CareMind. Know whenever anything happens.

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