Service that helps care providers build connections with post-acute partners

How It Works

CarePort Guide
  • Finding Care: Discharge planners and patients use CarePort to find post-acute care that meets a patient’s needs and introduces provider quality into the decision making process. CarePort simplifies post-acute provider selection so that it is as informed and intuitive
  • Building a Network: CarePort enables hospitals to share their preferred post-acute provider network in a Medicare-compliant way and encompassing detailed information on every Medicare-certified skilled nursing facility, home health agency, long term acute care hospital, inpatient rehabilitation facility, and hospice agency in the country
CarePort Connect
  • Digital Solution: CarePort Connect is a powerful web-based solution that enables providers across the continuum – hospitals, physician groups, ACOs, and post-acute providers — to coordinate care through real-time information sharing. CarePort Connect overcomes silos of patient information so that disparate providers with shared patients are connected by real time and actionable data.
  • Real-time alerts: They provide live updates on when and where patients receive care throughout the post-hospital period and instant notifications of critical patient events such as hospital readmissions and care transitions as they are occurring to ensure real-time collaboration with providers across the post-acute continuum
  • Collaboration: By using CarePort, post-acute providers can improve collaborative relationships with health systems, physician groups and ACOs through receiving key patient information on shared patients such as patient attribution, care team contacts, care guidelines and more and simplifying data sharing about patients with hospitals and other care partners
CarePort Insight:
  • Assessment: CarePort Insight assesses post-acute outcomes using objective, real-time and automated reporting. As patient data flows through the CarePort system, objective performance and quality metrics are collected automatically. Custom reports can be easily generated with multiple drill down options and filters by provider, patient type or condition.
  • Accountability: With Insight, hospitals and health Systems can actively manage post-acute provider networks, thus removing variability and subjectivity associated with self-reporting. They can identify gaps in care and opportunities for improvement within post-acute networks and compare post-acute outcomes by provider and patient characteristics
CarePort Care Management
  • Discharge Planning: CarePort Care Management provides discharge planning and utilization review services to optimize the process and find the best post-acute healthcare
  • Post-discharge Care: Hospitals can track and manage referrals with EHR-agnostic discharge and referral management tools, leverage a network of connected post-acute providers to ensure timely placements and understand the organization’s discharge patterns through advanced reporting capabilities

Pricing Details

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