CareRing is a smart, wearable device that helps you keep track of your loved ones who are at risk of getting lost


  • Saves Time, Money and Community Resources: CareRing, through its unique tracking system helps save time, money and important community resources.
  • Three-Mode System: CareRing is equipped with a special ‘three mode’ system which can be alternated as the time and need arises. For example, when the loved one is supposed to stay at home, the ‘Home’ mode can be turned on, when he or she goes out (for a walk), the ‘Away’ Mode can be used, and so on.
  • SMART Alert for Up to Five Caregivers: CareRing uses a unique technology to notify up to five caregivers by email and/or texts when attention is required. Messages are received instantly and are not dependent on network traffic.When an alert is initiated by CareRing, it is sent to the First caregiver.
  • Bracelet Removal Alert: The CareRing is tamper proof in that it has no screens, menus or buttons to press. Should the CareRing latch be opened at any time that the CareRing is not in the base station cradle, CareRing will automatically send a message to the caregiver’s smartphone.

How It Works

After your loved one puts on the CareRing, the product offers you three modes:
  • Home Mode: When the Home button on the Base Station is pressed the blue Home light will come on steady. This activates the low power RF Safety Zone.  This is the normal power saving operating mode with the CareRing within the Safety Zone around the Base Station.
  • Away Mode: When the Away button on the Base Station is pressed the yellow Away light will come on steady. In Away mode the Safety Zone is inactive and the person wearing the device can leave the home without any alarms being triggered or the device going into Search Mode. Away mode is used if the person is leaving the Safety Zone for any normal living activities such as walking, outside visits, excursions and even golfing or camping.
  • Search Mode: Search Mode is automatically triggered when the CareRing leaves the defined Safety Zone in Home Mode. It can also be triggered by the caregiver in Away Mode or at any time the caregiver chooses to do so. In Search Mode the caregiver receives location messages every 60 seconds. Temperature and Movement information can also be included in the messaging as an option. In the event of a loss of Cell service or the ability to get satellite reception, CareRing constantly emits a VHF radio signal (Ping). VHF Radio is the technology used by Police and Search and Rescue.

Pricing Details

$499.00 A $175.00 deposit secures your CareRing system. The balance will only be due at time of shipping.