Chefs for Seniors

Chefs for Seniors

Meal service for seniors cooked in their own homes by professional chefs with fresh ingredients brought by them


  • Affordable and Customizable¬†Menus: Chefs for Seniors offers flexible and affordable menus that can be customized for low sodium, diabetic, gluten free and other dietary needs.
  • Fixed Fee for Everything Related to Cooking: Fixed fee for menu planning, grocery shopping, approximately 2 hours cooking and clean-up in the home. This excludes cost of groceries which is typically $30-$60 depending on the items selected.
  • Servings Per Week: 10-12 servings prepared for each week.
  • Peace of Mind: Chefs for Seniors chefs are fully insured and licensed.
  • Companionship: In addition to great food, your loved one gets companionship of a friendly personal chef who really care.
Currently operating in select locations of Atlanta, Florida, New Jersey, Boston, Wisconsin and Chicago.

How It Works

  1. Schedule weekly or bi-weekly visits with the chef.
  2. Select the meal choices from the menu available HERE. 
  3. Select 4 out of 12 items on the menu and the chef will prepare multiple servings of each.
  4. Chef brings fresh ingredients and cooks for your loved one based on the items you chose.

Pricing Details

Approximately $9 per serving. Contact Chefs for Seniors HERE for accurate pricing information.

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