Assessment and training program for cognitive skills that monitors and tracks cognitive evolution of users


  • Assessments: CogniFit evaluates the 23 cognitive skills used in daily life and isolates strong and weak areas in the user’s cognitive abilities. Specialised assessments for cognitive disorders such as Parkinson’s, or assessments to test driving ability are also available.
  • Personalised Adaptive Games: CogniFit uses data from its assessments to offer users personalised brain training games that adapt to the user’s performance so as to always challenge them.
  • For Health Professionals: CogniFit allows healthcare professionals to screen cognitive abilities and deficits of their patients, as well as design different brain stimulation and rehabilitation tools for them.
  • Monitoring: CogniFit monitors cognitive alterations and evolution throughout the training program, and offers access to detailed reports of patient progress to healthcare professionals.

How It Works

Pricing Details

For clinical use, CogniFit training programs are priced at $97.55 for six months of use for one patient. The price increases with time and the number of patients. The assessments are available at $49.95 for one patient, and the price increases for every user. For individual use, the training programs are priced at $19.95/month, for the monthly program, and $15/month for the annual program. Assessments are priced at $49.95 each.