Convergence Health

Convergence Health

Global provider of healthcare solutions and consulting services for providers, insurers, government and wellness companies


  • Personal Tools and Resources: Convergence Health offers industry-leading tools and applications, integrated with some of their own offerings and services, to engage individuals for better health and improved lifestyle. Adaptable tools for iOS and Android mobile devices increase access and ease of use at home, in the office, and while traveling.
  • Training Programs: Training programs guide individuals through effective and healthy behavior change. Convergence Health offers robust incentive capabilities for tracking and awards systems, including monitoring and reporting on specific objectives. Secure and closed social-network applications include personal profiles, challenges, team formation, posting and sharing, as well as forums for specific subject matter experts further boost training of newer members.
  • HealthDay TV: Convergence Health maintains a comprehensive, accredited health library, with continual video additions from their partner, HealthDay TV — a leading source of relevant news in health improvement and awareness.

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