Ever.li VR

Ever.li VR

A Virtual Reality engine that helps you travel in your memories



  • Helps Relive Memories: Memory is the only link we have with our pasts. In a world that is steadily moving forward, keeping in touch with what you left behind is a difficult task. Ever.li VR helps you to hold on and relive your beloved memories the way you want to remember them.
  • Panoramic, Integrated and Immersive Approach: Ever.li VR helps you create a visual database of all those memories which mattered to you in your life and helps you visualize them in 3D, all around using an immersive approach.
  • Delays the Onset of Memory Ailments: Studies show that ailments such as Alzheimer’s can be delayed and deferred through enjoyable leisure in known experiences. Ever.li VR, by being a window to the past, helps increase familiarity in a rapidly alienating world and delays the onset of memory ailments.
  • Connects Generations Through Memory Sharing: Perhaps the greatest thing separating generations is a lack of context. Ever.li VR helps connect generations separated by time by its unique ‘memory sharing’ technique which helps remove the barrier of time between then and now and breaks the so called ‘isolation bubble’.

How It Works

  • Sign up on the Ever.li website and start creating events and stories
  • Create your own timeline using the 135,000 plus event rich database( it expands with your input!) created by ever.li. You can also include images and videos. Ever.li connects your memory events with related internet entries such as Wikipedia pages.
  • Access your timeline and view it with your Virtual Reality (VR) headset.

Pricing Details

Free. (You need to sign up on the product website and need a headset for the VR experience.)