Remotely monitor the usage of home appliances and home medical equipment



  • Evermind Sensor: The Evermind sensor works at the power source and is compatible with virtually any type of home appliance or powered medical equipment. Evermind sensors connect to the Evermind network using built-in wireless Internet — no home Internet connection is required.
  • Evermind for Care Providers: Evermind for providers supports disease management programs and asset management strategies for DMEs, HHAs, and ACOs, by monitoring utilization of powered medical equipment (respiratory devices such as non-invasive ventilators, oxygen concentrators, and nebulizers, and other medical devices, like wound care pumps). With real-time data, intervention can occur quickly. 
  • Evermind for Family Caregivers: Evermind for families provides peace of mind to those who live alone or who need extra support and the people who care about them by monitoring when common household appliances, such as coffee makers, televisions, and bedside lamps are switched on and off.

How It Works

  • Activation: Plug the appliance into the sensor, plug the sensor into the wall socket. The sensor will detect when the appliance is turned on or off.
  • Activity: When activity is detected in the appliances the information is sent securely to the Evermind network using built-in wireless Internet. No home Internet connection is required.
  • Notifications: Notifications offer reassurance throughout the day, or indicate possible cause for concern.

Pricing Details

$29/month, $199 per system Click here to register you system/buy Evermind products.