Service that helps seniors make their legally binding will online in minutes



  • Expedited process: The will writing process is an online service where the system asks the user a few simple questions that allow the system to create their will. This usually takes about 15 minutes, and there are live chat and phone support on hand.
  • Legality: Once the system has finished generating a user’s will, one of Farewill’s legal experts will check it over to make sure everything is okay. If there’s an issue then they’ll be in touch right away. This will is completely legally binding.
  • Couple Wills: The service also provides for couple wills, where a couple can sign up for the service together and avail a 50% discount on the second will.

How It Works

For information on how to make single wills, click here. For information on how to make couple wills, click here.

Pricing Details

£90 (approximately $120) for single wills. £135 (approximately $178) for couple wills