Virtual reality platform that helps relieve acute and chronic pain


  • Pain and Stress Reduction: Cool! is a VR solution to reduce stress and pain that is ideal for patients feeling the pain and anxiety of medical procedures or the burden of chronic conditions. Users will leave their pain behind as they embark on a journey through jewel-crusted caves and crystalline streams
  • Regulation: Care Providers have a touchscreen-ready device that displays what the user is seeing in their VR set, as well as some information about the user’s heart rate, levels of activity and biometrics. Thus, they can control the therapy session as need be, without breaking the user’s flow.
  • Reactive Experience: Similar to Cool!, Glow! Also uses VR to reduce stress and pain. Glow! is a reactive service that adjusts itself according to the user’s heart rate so as to prevent overexertion. It also allows care staff to control the therapy in a similar vein as Cool!
  • Biofeedback: VR biofeedback is used to monitor the user’s condition, using heart rate monitors to link relaxation to meaningful success and breath guide to aid in relaxation and enhancing mindfulness skill development

Pricing Details

Annual subscription for $210 per month, includes both Cool! and Glow! along with a VR-Pro