A wireless smart button that lets you control devices, apps and services with just a press



  • Number of Uses: Once you set up the Flic Button with the Flic App, you can use the button to control lights, play music, set destinations, control your phone, etc. Flic is compatible with thousands of device and apps.
  • Resistant and Sustainable: Weather-resistant, outdoor-indoor wireless buttons have up to 2 years battery life. You can take and stick them anywhere - no wiring necessary.
  • Driving Safety: The Flic button can be used in your car for some specific tasks such as navigation, controlling music and hanging up calls.

How It Works

  • Integrate your Flic button with the Flic App available on Google Play and the Itunes Store
  • The app helps you control the usage of the button--what and how it will work, etc
  • You can use the button for a number of uses, such as controlling your television, fixing appointments, controlling your phone, etc.
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Pricing Details

1-pack: $34.99; 4-pack: $99.99; 8-pack: $179.99