Caregiving companion with a virtual avatar and a remote team of 24×7 human caregivers


  • Companionship: The GeriJoy Companion avatar is designed to be the ideal, supportive friend and caregiver. It always listens, and it remembers everything you tell it, like names of grandchildren, favorite places, TV shows. So whenever your loved one is feeling lonely, confused, or just wants someone to talk to, the GeriJoy Companion is there to provide engaging and supportive conversation.
  • 24x7 Caregiver Support: The GeriJoy Companion reminds your loved one about physician-prescribed medications, to drink more water, eat breakfast, and other activities that are vital for improving physical and mental wellness. The 24×7 staff behind the GeriJoy Companion are specially trained in senior care, and are able to assist owners suffering from a wide range of age-related conditions, from dementia to diabetes and depression.
  • Stay in the Know: GeriJoy’s team documents interactions with each owner, and provide 24/7 access to all daily logs via the Family Portal. That means you can always be aware of what’s happening while you’re away from your loved one!.

How It Works

Pricing Details

The pricing details of GeriJoy is not publicly available. Please contact the GeriJoy team for consultation.

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