Google Clips

Google Clips

Smart camera from Google that captures automatic images or videos and streams them to the user’s phone almost in real time


  • Automatic photography: Google Clips automatically takes photographs or short videos when placed somewhere. The camera can therefore capture spontaneous images which can be used to check up on a loved one.
  • Learned photography: Google Clips detects familiar faces and good lighting or framing. The camera will therefore learn to capture more and better pictures of your  loved one with time.
  • Photos streamed in seconds: Photos taken by the camera can be streamed to the user’s Google Clips app almost in real time, making it possible to respond quickly in cases of emergency.
  • Can be clipped or placed: The camera can be clipped or set down upon any surface, making it easy for your loved one to capture photographs in their daily lives without having to operate or carry a camera.

How It Works

Pricing Details

$249 for the camera with the clip stand. At $263.99, the camera, clip stand and a coloured mount case are available. Shipping is free.