GreatCall Link App

GreatCall Link App

An app that keeps caregivers of older adults informed about the health and safety of their loved ones with GreatCall products


  • Receive Emergency Alerts: Be in the know. The Link App will send you notifications for selected actions including when 5Star is utilized, allowing you to make decisions quickly and follow up without delay.
  • Retrieve Location: When the locator is on, both you and first responders can see the subscriber’s location on a map. In an emergency, this information can save crucial minutes and seconds. Use your smartphone’s navigation system to get directions to the subscriber’s location without having to call.
  • Check Activities: Based on information in the Personal Profile, see if appointments are being kept or if there is a change in daily activity. For the Lively Wearable, you can see if the device user has completed their daily challenges and send encouragement.
  • Check-In: With simple yes and no questions, you can know how your loved one is doing, if they’ve taken their medication for the day, or even if they’ve had enough sleep. You can set up and schedule the questions so they appear on their cell phone daily, weekly, or monthly (Jitterbug Flip only).

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