GreatCall Lively Mobile

GreatCall Lively Mobile

Personal emergency medical alert device with fall detection.


  • Fast Agent Response: Pressing the Urgent Response button on the device will connect your loved one to an emergency response agent who will confirm the location, evaluate the situation, and get the help needed.
  • Fall Detection: Once the fall detection feature is enabled, the device can automatically call the emergency response team when a fall is detected.
  • GPS: Built-in technology confirms location quickly and accurately.
  • Wearable: The device is small enough to wear around the neck with the magnetic lanyard,  carry it in purse or pocket on a keychain clip, attach on a belt with the protective carry case, or wear it with the watch-like wristband.

Pricing Details

$36.17 for the device + $34.99 for monthly subscription.

Note: Monthly subscriptions are also available for $19.99 and $24.99, but these programs do not include the fall detection feature.

Starting Price

$36.17 + $34.99 for monthly subscription