Green Chef

Green Chef

Get organic, pre-measured and prepped ingredients and step-by-step instructions for easy recipes at your doorstep


  • Wide Variety of Meal Plans: Based on the dietary needs and restrictions of your loved ones, you can choose from many different meal plans such as omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian, paleo, keto and vegan, gluten-free.
  • Step-by-Step Recipe with Photos: Recipes are illustrated through photos that eases the process of cooking for your loved ones.
  • Color-Coded Recipes and Ingredients: Each recipe card and ingredient is color-coded. So when your loved one is ready to cook, she can easily find what she needs.

How It Works

  1. Create an account on the website and pick your dietary and delivery preferences.
  2. You can choose between 2-person plan (1 box containing 3 dinners for 2 people) or family plan (1 box contains 2 dinners for a family of four).
  3. Everything that you need to cook your meals will be delivered weekly.
  4. Change your preferences, skip weeks, or cancel at any time, up to seven days before your next scheduled delivery.

Pricing Details

Shown per meal per person. Vegetarian: $10.49 Omnivore: $11.99 Vegan: $10.99 Carnivore: $13.49 Gluten-Free: $13.49 Paleo: $14.99 Keto: $14.99 Shipping and handling per box: $9.