Password protected pill dispenser that stores up to ten different varieties of pills, and sorts medication before dispensing



  • Pill dispensing: Hero dispenses the user’s dosage of pills from built-in containers without requiring pill sorting or counting. These containers can hold over a month’s supply of ten different varieties of pills.
  • Alerts and reminders: Hero sends reminders to both the user and any registered family members or caregivers through the Hero app when medication is either consumed, or missed. The device also tracks the amount of medication it is storing, and can alert users if supply is running low, as well as order refills.
  • Password protected: Hero is locked and password protected, ensuring that only those with access can dispense medication from the bottle.

How It Works

  1. Hero requires a Wifi connection, an can be set up using a desktop computer or any mobile device.
  2. Plugging the device in will activate the screen, which will guide users through the set-up process.
  3. Users must unlock the device using the password, and press the pill dispensing button to make use of Hero.
  4. The Hero Connect app, which is currently on trial run, must be installed into the mobile phone of the user, and that of any caregivers who wish to receive updates regarding medication intake.

Pricing Details

Currently pre-selling at $599. The cost will progressively increase over time to the final $999. Find more details here.

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