Automatic stove shut off device



  • Automatic Stove Shutoff: The iGuardStove device monitors the cooking area for motion. If no motion is detected in 5 min, it automatically shuts off the stove.
  • Audible and Visual Reminders: Reminds you 5 seconds prior to the stove shut off.
  • Gas Leak Detection and Alert:¬†Detects gas leak and automatically shut off the gas valve to the stove. It also sends you a text message alerting to the detection.
  • Stove Lock: The iGuardStove device can automatically lock the stove during the night. In addition, you can add a second level of protection such that if the stove knob is turned on, the stove will not energize until a confirmation button is pressed on the device.
  • Activity Tracking: The motion sensor on the device continuous tracks motion in the cooking area. The online account can be used to alert you or other caregivers if no activity is noticed in the cooking area for a long time, or if there are activities during the night.
  • User History Reporting: Through the online account, caregivers can monitor the loved one's stove usage. These events are stored for up to 12 months.
Feature vary by model. Check out four different models of iGuardStove here.

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Pricing Details

$495 for SMART (for electric stoves), $595 for INTELLIGENT (for electric stoves), $695 for INTELLIGENT (for 1/2" gas lines), and $725 for INTELLIGENT (for 3/4" gas lines)

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