Smart TV solution for video chat, smart reminders and more


For Older Adults:

  • Stay Connected: Independa helps you stay connected with friends and family on a day to day basis and helps coordinate daily activities.
  • Connect at the touch of a button: Your loved one can switch between watching your favorite shows and connecting live with friends and family anytime using the all-in-one Independa Simplified Remote Control – no computers or new tech to learn.
  • Keep in touch effortlessly: Independa lets you visit with your family and friends right from your TV. Don’t miss out on another special get-together or conversation.

For Family Caregivers:

  • Integrated Care System: You can use Independa to send medication reminders, get health alerts and check-in anytime using the all-in-one dashboard on your desktop, phone or table, For peace of mind.
  • Stay in Touch: You and your loved one have have never been closer. Use simplified video chat, photos and messages effortlessly to stay in touch. Your loved one will never miss out on a treasured family get-together or conversation again.
  • Memory Archives: Protect precious memories and preserve your loved one’s great wisdom, in their own words. Independa Life Stories™ gives future generations a clear window to their past.

For Care Providers:

  • Increase Occupancy, Staff Efficiency and Family Management: Your brand communicates the essence of your community to prospective residents and their families. To achieve differentiation in a competitive marketplace, you need the right combination of clear messaging, appealing amenities, high-technology solutions and consistent communication. Independa sets your community apart by leveraging easy-to-use, simple technology to attract and engage your residents and their loved ones.

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