Inirv React

Inirv React

Smart stove knob that lets you control the burners through your phone and automatically turn them off if smoke or lack of motion is detected in the kitchen


  • Sensor Unit: The sensor unit is like a wall-mounted smoke detector that houses the gas, smoke and motion detectors and monitors your kitchen’s environment. If it senses high levels of smoke or gas, or if the motion sensor recognizes that the stove was left on accidentally, this unit signals the knob units to turn off the burners.
  • Knob Units: The knob units turn the burners off when a hazard is detected by the sensor unit. Attach these units to your stove and use them as your new knobs, or attach your existing knobs back onto these units with the supplied adapter.
  • App: The smartphone app allows you to easily monitor your kitchen environment and status of your stove. You will receive real-time alerts if a hazard is detected or if you left the house with your stove on. You can turn your stove off or change the temperature right from your phone.

Pricing Details


1 sensor unit + 1 knob: $99.99
1 sensor unit + 2 knobs: $159.99
1 sensor unit + 3 knobs: $199.99
1 sensor unit + 4 knobs: $229.99