App that turns your smartphone into a smart driving assistant with collision warning system, lane departure alert, headway distance monitoring and speeding alert


  • Collision Warning System: iOnRoad uses the smartphone’s camera, GPS and other sensors to recognize traffic ahead and warn the driver of potential accidents with audio and visual alerts.
  • Lane Departure Alert: iOnRoad warns the driver whenever the car starts drifting to a different lane.
  • Headway Distance Monitoring and Alert: It monitors your headway distance and gives you constant feedback to make sure you keep enough distance from the car in front. When iOnRoad recognizes insufficient headway distance, it issues a subtle notification sound.
  • Speeding Alert: Receive audio alerts when you are speeding, encouraging safer driving habits.
  • Automatic Driving Detection: iOnRoad automatically detects when you start driving such that the safety features start monitoring your drive right away.

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