Social robot for your home who looks, listens and learns.



  • Get Helpful Information: Jibo is designed to be a helpful presence in the home. Your loved one can ask him questions, get the weather forecast, set an alarm or anything else.
  • Fun Companion: Jibo is a fun and friendly sidekick with his own unique character. He loves to dance, make suggestions, tell jokes and offer up helpful information — anything to bring a smile.
  • Control Smart Home Devices: Jibo can be used to control smart home devices such as the Philips Hue lights, Nest thermostat, Wemo smart plugs and many more.
  • Jibo Commander: With the Jibo Commander App, you can customize his dialogue, choreograph his movements or create a personalized display message to surprise and delight your loved ones.
  • Play Music, Take Pictures: Jibo can play music of your choice and take pictures at your command.

How It Works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itzqYfPsxFY Watch more how-to videos HERE.

Pricing Details

$699 on Amazon. $53.99/month if you buy from Jibo's online store directly.