Kindly Care

Kindly Care

Home care service at your fingertips


  • Fully Vetted Caregivers: Kindly Care ensures quality care by providing caregivers who have been fully vetted through personality tests, reference checks, background checks, driving records and interviews.
  • Negotiate Pricing Directly with Caregiver: You can negotiate the hourly rate directly with the caregiver. Average entry-level caregivers' hourly rate is $15.
  • Task Management Through Phone App: The phone app can be used for task management and scheduling. Create checklists of what needs to be done and describe how to do those tasks. Keep track of conditions such as pain level, emotional well-being, etc.

How It Works

  1. Find a caregiver from here or call (866) 680-0327.
  2. Negotiate the hourly rate with the caregiver directly.
  3. Use mobile app to enter a time and select the tasks that needs to be done.
  4. At the end of the shift you will get a work summary and an update on your loved one.

Pricing Details

Hourly rates can be negotiated directly with the caregiver. The average hourly rates are given below:
  • Entry-level caregivers: $15
  • Experienced caregivers: $20
  • Specialized caregivers: $25
Kindly care chargesĀ a service fee of 25%, which is added to the rate that you negotiate with the caregiver. For example, if you pay the caregiver $15/hr, your estimated cost is $20.55/hr (incl. our fee of $3.75/hr and tax).

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