Monitoring solutions to enhance rehabilitation by using high-resolution wearable devices to remotely monitor, track, analyse and report the progress of patients


  • Rehab Monitoring Kit: The Rehab / Exercise Monitoring Kit can be used for learning at-home exercises, track progress and do teleconsultations. It performs whole body monitoring for the patient and relays progress data and analytics to a patient education app that can be used to track rehabilitation.
  • Development Kit: The Development Kit is a fun and engaging way of learning and doing exercises at home while enjoying higher engagement with the process. It is equipped with miniaturized microelectromechanical sensors(MEMS), 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, temperature and barometric pressure sensors to provide clinical and comprehensive motion analysis.
  • Clinician Use: Clinicians can use this to remotely monitor the patient’s range of motion, rehabilitation progress, and exercise compliance. It will also allow clinicians to interact with their patients, improving their recovery process. This technology can also be relevant for other patients, such as those with sports related injuries or other knee disorders

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