Smart alert night light that notifies you via your smartphone when your loved one’s home alarms go off


  • Alarm Monitoring: Leeo listens for existing alarms in your loved one’s home. It works with smoke, carbon monoxide (CO) and continuous tone water alarms.
  • Receive Notification: If an alarm is detected, Leeo notifies you via an automated phone call or a push notification from your Leeo smartphone app. If you are not reachable, Leeo calls your friends and family for backup.
  • Monitor Temperature and Humidity: You can opt in to receive notifications when the temperature and humidity of your loved one’s home is not the way she likes them.
  • Choose Night Light Color: Leeo includes an adjustable light to help illuminate a hallway or bedroom. Change the shade to fit your mood, decor or time of day.
  • Works with IFTTT: Leeo works with hundreds of other smart products and services using IFTTT.

How It Works

Visit this page to see instruction videos on how to install the device and set up the system.

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