Leeo Ping

Leeo Ping

App that uses the motion of your loved one’s phone, tablet or Apple Watch to notify you if she is up and about


  • Keeps You Connected to Your Loved One: Ping uses the sensors in your loved one's smart phone, tablet and Apple Watch to let you know that she is OK.
  • Works in the Background: After an account is created, your loved one does’t need to do anything else but use the phone as she normally would.
  • Private and Secure: Everyone decides what information they want to share and who to share it with.
  • Watch My Back Feature: This feature alerts you if your loved one doesn't check in at a location after a time was set.

How It Works

  1. Ping uses the motion of your smartphone to see if you're up and about. If you've moved recently, you'll get a green glow.
  2. Ping can send a friendly reminder if family or friends haven't moved their phone, tablet, or Apple Watch in quite a while (we'll always try to reach out to them first).
  3. If you're ever feeling nervous, like walking to your car at night, or meeting someone new, Ping can watch your back and call for help later if needed.

Pricing Details