Wearable device that monitors gait and balance to give personalized fall prevention education and targeted exercises


  • Mobility Monitoring: Libra monitors the gait and balance of your loved one and informs you about it in an easy to understand way with a focus on interventions.
  • Gait-Change Alerts: Changes in gait can be indicative of fall risk or the early stages of a disease. Libra can alert you if these changes are detected in your elderly loved one.
  • Personalized Exercise Planning: Exercise is personal, and older adults have as diverse exercise goals as any other group. Whether its strength, balance or coordination, Libra can help teach your loved exercises that are right for them.

How It Works

  1. The Libra is worn on the hip during normal daily activities. It does not need to be worn in the shower, while sleeping, etc. as it is not a fall monitor or emergency response device.
  2. Libra connects to the Internet through WiFi and can be interacted with through the phone.
  3. It builds personal mobility profiles based on the user's unique mobility vital signs.
  4. Libra monitors gait and balance of the user and sends alerts when it detects any changes.

Pricing Details