App to track your loved one’s location and monitor driving safety


Location Tracking

  • Track Location: If your loved one is capable of carrying a phone, you can track her location by installing the Life360 app on her phone.
  • Automatic Notification on Arriving and Leaving a Place: The Life360 Places feature lets you save most common locations, such as home, work, grocery store, doctor's office, etc. so that anyone in the care circle gets automatic alerts when your loved one arrives and leaves a place.
  • Create Care Circle: Create a care circle with everyone who wants to look out for your loved, such as other family members, homecare personnel, nurses and neighbors.

Driving Safety

  • Safe Drive Review: The Safe Drive Review feature automatically detects when your loved one is driving and provides in-depth information about the trip, including alerts for aggressive driving, hard acceleration, hard braking, speeding and phone use.
  • Crash Detection and Emergency Response: Life360 can detect when a crash occurs and call the driver involved. If the person involved need immediate emergency assistance, or doesn't respond, her location data is sent to emergency services to dispatch an ambulance and will stay on the line with the person involved until help arrives. Life360 will call you and your emergency contacts to let you know what occurred afterwards.
  • Extended Roadside Assistance: Get roadside assistance when your loved one needs jump starting a battery, gets locked out of the car, runs out of gas, needs help changing flat tire, or needs a tow.
  • 24x7 Driver Care Support: Your loved one has access to a direct hotline where an advisor can help her find nearby garages, hospitals or help contacting emergency contacts.

How It Works

FREE: BASIC features that includes saving up to two places per circle for automatic notification and top speed for driving safety. $2.99/month or $24.96/year: PLUS features that includes saving unlimited number of places for automatic notification, 30 days of location history, and alerts for crime hotspots including details (e.g. theft, burglary, vandalism) and location. $7.99/month or $69.96/year: PLUS and DRIVER PROTECT features that includes all features related to driving safety given above.

Pricing Details