Virtual caregiver that operates through Amazon Alexa offering check-ins, voice-commanding household appliances, emergency alerts and sharing of daily health reports


  • Operate appliances and devices: LifePod connects to and operates using voice-commands both Amazon Alexa-enabled household appliances such as electrical switches, as well as Bluetooth enabled healthcare devices such as blood pressure monitors.
  • Use resources and check-in: Users can command LifePod to make calls, send text messages and use services such as transportation or food delivery. Caregivers and family members may also use LifePod to check-in throughout the day with their loved ones.
  • Two-way communication through Amazon Alexa: LifePod uses the Amazon Alexa speaker system to establish two-way communication between the user and caregivers/family members.
  • Daily reports: LifePod compiles daily reports of medication and activity and sends them to the user’s family and caregivers.
  • Reminders and emergency alerts: The assistant can be programmed to send medication reminders, and send voice-activated emergency alerts without the use of wearables.

  • Games and quizzes: LifePod offers entertainment such as games or quizzes to the user.

How It Works

Pricing Details

LifePod is currently in beta. Contact LifePod team for details.

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