Linked Senior

Linked Senior

Person-centered care through life enrichment and dementia engagement using simple technology and non drug therapy.


  • Resident Engagement: The accessible application is used by family and staff to engage residents with evidence-based programs such as cognitive games, music for therapy, reminiscing and other therapeutic interventions for a high-touch, person-centered experience. Simultaneously, care staff can assess and understand the needs and interests of the residents they serve.
  • Monitoring Progress: The comprehensive dashboard helps care staff measure, manage and optimize resident engagement. Real-time reporting and data analytics give insights on how the needs and desires of each resident are being met and what can be improved. Care staff can evaluate the effectiveness of the program and understand how to optimize how they are serving residents. Data at the resident level can be used for individualized service plans, care planning, and family engagement. This also encourages collaboration among staff members and families
  • Old People Are Cool: Linked Senior has launched the Old People Are Cool project to confront the harmful ageism we believe prevents our communities from reaching their maximum potential. Members who take the Oath are committed to joining the project that sells seniors-themed accessories and donates the proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Personalized Support: All clients have their own Relationship Manager that provides personalized support for technical assistance and engagement best practices.

Pricing Details

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