Lively Wearable

Lively Wearable

The Lively Wearable is a simple fitness tracker for seniors with a built-in discreet urgent response button that works directly with your smartphone


  • Urgent Response: This Urgent Response button works with your loved one's smartphone so she can get help if she ever feels unwell and need assistance right away. One push of the button will connect her to 5Star Agents through her smartphone who can send help and notify family members immediately.
  • Stay Connected, Anywhere: The GreatCall Link app on your family member’s smartphone will give you both peace of mind by knowing that you’re safe and staying active. If your loved one calls 5Star for help, you’ll be immediately notified so they’re in the know, no matter where you are
  • Fall Detection: The Lively Wearable senses sudden falling movements when worn around the neck, utilizing a tri-axial accelerometer with patented algorithms developed by BioSensics
  • Wear It Anywhere: The waterproof Lively Wearable works in the shower, while you’re out in the garden or even down at the beach. And when worn with the specially designed lanyard, the Lively Wearable's fall detection feature keeps you safe and protected anytime, anywhere.

How It Works

  • Detect: Simply press the button to speak with a 5Star Urgent Response Agent through your smartphone.
  • Call: An Agent will confirm your location, evaluate the situation and even stay on the line until the situation is resolved.
  • Get Help: Agents can call emergency services, get roadside assistance or a locksmith, or contact family.

Pricing Details

$49.99 + $14.99 monthly plan and activation

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