Automatic pill dispenser that stores up to fifteen different kinds of pills and prevents over medication


  • Pill sorting and storage: Livi can store up to three months’ worth of pills. These pills can be upto 15 different types.
  • Dispensing: Livi remains locked until it is time for dosage, at which point pressing a button dispenses the sorted pills. The device can dispense pills up to 24 times a day, including both scheduled and non-scheduled pills. These medication timings and types can be programmed by users or caregivers from website portal.
  • Alerts and reminders: When it is time for medication intake, Livi glows green and beeps. When medication is consumed, or a dosage is missed, Livi can alert any registered caregivers through text or email.

How It Works

Step by step videos:
  1. Setup: click here.
  2. Load: click here.
  3. Dispense: click here.

Pricing Details

Livi can be purchased through three payment plans. These are as follows:
  1. $2214, through six payments of $369
  2. $2116, through four payments of $529
  3. A one-time payment of $1999
All purchase plans come with two years of free data and tech support. After the two years, the connectivity fee is $25/month. For connectivity and an additional limited warranty, the price is $40/month. Livi can also be rented at a lower cost, the details for which can be found here.

Phone Number

+1 843-277-8250