Lookback VR by VRTU

Lookback VR by VRTU

Virtual reality platform that provides reminiscent therapy through immersive video and audio experiences



  • Reminiscence Therapy: The LookBack VR platform provides curated Virtual Reality content to encourage users to revisit old memories and create new ones. The platform makes this treatment immersive and engaging.
  • Personalised content: The VR content can be filtered to particular times and places in history, and customised ‘travel itineraries’ can be fixed with the user’s preferences and background in consideration.
  • Information and prompts: LookBack VR’s experiences can be shared with family and caregivers, who are also provided with useful information and prompts that can help stimulate conversation.
  • Headsets and Biofeedback: Virtue apps are compatible with mobile VR headsets and the Spire health tracker. These make the experience more immersive, and monitor breathing and stress levels as part of the process.

How It Works


Pricing Details

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